With AirBnB Out, Hotels Are In

In early 2019, Redondo Beach’s City Council began enforcing a long-standing ban on short-term rentals within the city boundaries.  While unfortunate, AirBnB is technically illegal within the City of Redondo Beach.

It might seem absurd, but believe it or not, it’s for the city’s betterment.  Many cities around the state have struggled with the issue of allowing AirBnB’s and other short-term rental services, and it is actively changing those communities’ culture.  Redondo Beach’s historic beach-town culture and vibe is unique and precious, and protecting that is of utmost importance.

Though a short-term rental might be out of the question, Redondo Beach is still accessible.  Not only do they provide a great launching point into the Greater Los Angeles Area, but also provide the opportunity to live near or even on the beaches of Southern California.  On top of that, the hotels of Redondo Beach offer luxury and service beyond that of any AirBnB, including onsite pools and restaurants, exercise/fitness centers, spa/beauty treatments, business centers, valet parking and much more.

With the multitude of hotel options offering a variety of different amenities, price points, and conveniences, stay close to Los Angeles and even closer to the beach at any one of the hotels in Redondo Beach.