Health & Safety In Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach values the health of safety of our residents, business employees and guests. With this in mind, we encourage all our guests to be prepared to experience Redondo Beach with safety measures instituted throughout the City in response to current Covid-19 pandemic.   

With certain industries beginning to reopen, the City has been working with these companies to ensure a healthy environment for all. These precautions are varied, such as taking advantage of parking space for expanded outdoor dining areas. Our goal is to provide an experience that allows you to safely enjoy as much of Redondo Beach as possible.

While it is important to know what may be different during your visit to Redondo Beach, it is also valuable to remember what remains the same; the sounds and smells of the ocean, sunset walks along the esplanade, and endless water fun. The world might be changing in ways that no one can predict, but nothing can take away the simple pleasures that Redondo Beach provides.

Below are just a few easy techniques to follow when in Redondo Beach to ensure the safety of yourself and all around you. We respectfully ask that you follow these guidelines while within the city, to make a healthy and safe presence for all.

  • Wear protective gear like a face mask or shield
  • Wash your hands frequently, with soap and hot water if possible
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth before washing your hands
  • Maintain six feet distance from those around you
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or cloth while coughing or sneezing

The situation around COVID-19 is constantly shifting and evolving.  To keep up to date on these changes, check the CDC website here. Redondo Beach, as a city within Los Angeles County, is working within the country regulations on the COVID-19 response. For updates on these regulations, click here to visit the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.