Redondo Beach Tourism has made great progress this year in developing plans to market the City and its abundance of tourism assets. As part of that, we invited a variety of Social Influencers to experience a classic California, instant local beach getaway in the heart of Los Angeles. Just 30 minutes south of LAX, the Influencers gathered in a city where you can enjoy an exclusive beach town vacation or staycation, one that offers a captivating experience of classic Southern California bars, restaurants and trendiest excursions.

Nowadays, Social Media’s power of influence extends far beyond just helping a future traveler choose exactly where to travel. It’s where individuals turn to figure out exactly how to travel and what to experience as they do. See through the eyes of Redondo Beach Tourism Influencers and discover the well-kept secret of the City of Redondo Beach, the wealth of recreational activities offered, its beautiful beaches, entertainment, dining and much more.