Keeping Our Hotels Healthy

The summer is over, yet Redondo Beach stays as a top-rate location for a safe and relaxing getaway. In order to give you the chance to get out and enjoy a weekend away, we at Redondo Beach Tourism wanted to let you know of the new procedures that have been enacted at our hotels to keep you safe during your visit.


Within our hotels, new safety parameters have been set to ensure the safety of the staff and the guests, including temperature testing the staff, placing plexiglass barriers around the public areas, and utilizing deep-cleaning and hospital grade disinfectants when cleaning the guest rooms or frequently touched areas.  For our independent hotels, such as the Shade Hotel and Redondo Beach Hotel, the new safety policies are the priority, and all of our larger hotel chains, such as Hilton and Best Western, have all fallen in line with their new corporate mandates for a sterile and clean environment. These new regulations throughout the hotels are being enforced to the highest degree, even upheld by new full-time positions whose sole duty is to enact and enforce these new policies.


Redondo Beach is committed to keeping its community healthy. To that end, we have and will continue to have these new safety policies in place to keep you safe during your time in this historic beach town. We are ready for you when you believe the time is right. When the coast is clear, come here for a breath of fresh air.